Friday, November 2, 2012

MAXimalist grime

brash 'n' busy, coarse 'n' crowded

an older, slightly more spartan tune from Maxta

grime feels like a million years ago....   there's mixed emotions, listening to it again... like an awkward accidental encounter on the street between lovers, who didn't part on the best of terms, but there's still a spark, this attraction...

sounds good, the 2012 stuff

and yet,  it doesn't feel like it's advanced that much in the decade (decade!!) that's elapsed since "I Luv U" hit the pirates during that memorable summer of 2002 ... certainly not a full decade's worth of advance...   the main difference is the high-definition sound quality, bigger bolder brighter and busier with detail....  upgrades, as opposed to leaps forward

like so much stuff around (e.g. trap versus dirty south circa 2002) yes, it sounds "contemporary", still  - but only because our idea of "contemporary" seems to have gotten frozen at a certain point in the late 90s/early 2000s

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