Wednesday, March 21, 2012

in re. the previous post on monolake/ableton: the impact of digitisation on culture and on musical practice, in particular the deleterious effects of a surfeit of choice versus "restriction as the mother of invention" is one of the leitmotifs of my piece on the work of David Toop in the new issue of the Wiree. It's an adapted version of the Off the Page talk "Toopological Space: The Flow-Motion Studies of David Toop" but the Wire gave it a much better title: "Tales of Toopographic Oceans".

Over at The Wire website, I've done a Portal linking to online writings that informed or connect to the Toop piece, mostly by others but a couple by me. One of the latter, from 2000, "Pure Fusion", looks at the impurism versus purism, multiculture versus monoculture issue.

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