Wednesday, November 16, 2011

(what may be an intriguing possible-parallel-development to "hipster house")

mnml ssgs's silent partner writes about "post-techno" a/k/a "outsider techno"

which seems to refer to people who've gone back - to some extent or other - to techno's less-acknowledged roots in industrial music

while also rejecting digital-tech for (he doesn't quite says this but it's implicit) its insidious promotion of "audio trickle" / addle-daddle / nuance'n'layer-itis

a deliberate going-back to relative lo-tech -- to hardware not software -- ways of making music that are less-wieldy, less-facilitation-oriented

and that therefore produces starker, harder results

music with a spine

a bare-bones structural strength

as opposed to digital's "infinite flexibility"

perhaps they are the Billy Childishes of electronic music, Canute-like figures turning their back on progress

but perhaps they've got the right idea

i couldn't say

i've not heard any of the exemplary exponents he's cited

but i'm wondering if Ekoplekz belongs in that company

or Perc

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