Monday, October 4, 2010

for this (recently reactivated) piece

i made this dubble-ceedee

BLEEP 20 plus
1/ UNIQUE 3 "The Theme" (Chill/Ten, 1989)
2/ UNIQUE 3 "7-AM" (flipside above)
3/ FORGEMASTERS "Track With No Name" (Warp, 1989)
4/ SWEET EXORCIST "Testone" (Warp, 1989)
5/ ITAL ROCKERS "Ital's Anthem (Trebledown Bassup Mix)"
(Bassic, 1990)
6/ NEXUS 21 "Self Hypnosis (The Whippy Remix)"
from Progressive Logic EP (Network, 1990)
7/ LFO "LFO" (Warp, 1990)
8/ RHYTHMATIC "Take Me Back (Rob Gordon Edit--'With Extra Bass') "
(Network, 1990)
9/ UNIQUE 3 "Weight For the Bass (Original Soundyard Dubplate Mix)"
(Ten Records, 1990)
10/ NIGHTMARES ON WAX "Aftermath" (Warp, 1990)
11/ TRICKY DISCO "Tricky Disco" (Warp, 1990)
12/ TUFF LITTLE UNIT "Join the Future" (Warp, 1991)
13/ UBIK "Bass Generation" off Non Stop Techno EP (Zoom, 1990)


1/ ABILITY II "Pressure Dub" (Outer Rhythm, 1991)
2/ FORGEMASTERS "Stress" off The Black Steel EP (Network, 1991)
3/ ORIGINAL CLIQUE "Now Hear Me Now"
off North of Watford EP (Chill, 1990)
4/ XON "Dissonance" off The Mood Set EP (Network, 1991)
5/ SWEET EXORCIST "Clonk's Coming" off C.C.C.D (Warp, 1991)
6/ LFO "What Is House" off What Is House EP (Warp, 1992)
7/ COCO STEEL AND LOVEBOMB "Feel It" (Warp, 1992)
8/ NIGHTMARES ON WAX "I'm For Real" (Warp, 1990)
9/ NIGHTMARES ON WAX "Dextrous" (Warp, 1989)
10/ UNIQUE 3 "Phase 3" off Jus Unique LP (Ten Records, 1990)
11/ TURNTABLE OVERLOAD "T.T.O. (O.T.T. Mad Bastard Mix)"
(R&S, 1990)
12/ SWEET EXORCIST "Clonk (Freebass)" (Warp, 1991)
13/ F-X-U "The Scheme" (Made On Earth, 1990)

Question: if i was to make a third disc, what should be on it?


akumad said...

autonation - inside your mind / sit on the bass?

Unknown said...


Pontone said...

once upon a time we made a mix inspired by your Fact article -

quite funny though, TFSoL got there by mistake

Jovane Maia said...

Jovae Maia said...
*Man Machine Feat. The Forgemasters - Man Machine (Cyber-Subsonik)
*Sweet Exorcist - Testfour
*Success - 808 (Tripwire)
*Ubik - Non Stop Techno
*Tomas - African Dream
*Bass Culture - Facts Of Life (Bleeper Mix)
*The Step - Yeah You (Robert's Dub #2)
*Sweet Exorcist - Samba
*Rhythmatic - Demons (Raw Mix)
*Bassix - Close Encounters (Club Mix)
*Energize - Report To The Dance Floor (Hi-Tech Mix)
*Nightmares On Wax - Sal Batardes
*Forgemasters - Shall We (Special Remix)
*XON - Midnight Express

10INCHPRESS (Hastings, UK) said...

Hey Simon

How do you downlaod the two mixes?