Monday, March 12, 2012

there should be a name for this sound/style... rigid, swing-less beats that take mechanistic repetition just a little too far

"birthday cake" is co-produced by Da Internz and The Dream

"stupid hoe" is produced by Diamond Kuts

so it's not a signature sound, it's something in the air, something sceniotic... an emerging beatgeist

and for all the here-and-there echoes of bleep&bass or belgian hoover, or even B-boys on E circa 2001-2 ("snoopy trak", "what's yr fantasy") it's a new beatgeist

produced by StreetRunner and Sarom that one and it has me flashing a bit on i dunno Noom records... darktrance...

but back to the first two cuts -- here's something else by Diamond Cuts and is basically gabber, complete with an African-American version of jumpstyle

and Da Internz is responsible for that equally mechanistic dark-stark tune "Dance (A$$)" by Big Sean, the one i thought sounded like slowed-down footwork

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