Tuesday, August 13, 2019


trope reached earlier (1991) than the famous and supreme example (1995)

other notable nuum slaves

bit of Grace there via the musique concrete-y psycho-acapella track on the Slave to the Rhythm album

have i ever heard this super long 12 inch version of 'Slave to the Rhythm'? I'm really not sure

any more notable "slaves" in the rave-dance-disco-house realm?

postscript 8/14 

Ian S in Comments points out these examples:

he mentions a "slave" thematic to this but I can't hear it

Thursday, August 8, 2019

mashing up history

check the slogan on the label of this version of the original Jem 77 tune -
"Proper Bloodclaart Pirate Radio Bizness"

this other recent Rave 2 the Grave tune is better than the Jem 77/Cubic 22 one I think

of course there were tracks that were effectively mash-ups  -  aka rip-offs - happening in real-time back in the old skool days. i can't think of any examples off the top, but there were quite a few that were composites of existing killer tunes.

This Mickeybeam75 chappie is slinging this kind of thing up there, along with a lot of high-quality uploads of original-era tunes

this one - not a mash up but a new-old tune -  is quite devastating, beats and bass-wise. really like it

Here's the whole Wetman  EP on Vivid

Funny title

This is an earlier EP by Wetman

Monday, July 29, 2019

Pearsall mix of salvage junglizm 94-95 - never released at the time tunes now vinylized

tearing mix from Man like Randall H

Mix rationale:

"One of the things that has delighted me in recent years has been the amazing revival of jungle music from producers new and old; along with this explosion of fresh jungle there has also been a very exciting trend towards ancient dubplates from the golden era finally getting proper releases. So for this, the ninth edition of my Get It series of mixes of recent(ish) vinyl releases, I am very excited to pull together 15 tracks that were until recently only on dubplate or on extremely limited and rare pressings. This mix covers everything from mellow rollers to aquatic tearouts LTJ Bukem-style to full-fledged ragga mayhem and dark steppers. Enjoy!

Check out the other Get It mixes: soundcloud.com/sonicrampage/sets/get-it-15-track-all-vinyl

Check out more old skool jungle: soundcloud.com/sonicrampage/sets/jungle-is-massive-pearsalls

Mixed in Berlin, July 2019
100% Vinyl"

Update 8/5 - Pearsall's blog post on unreleased dubplates and the reissue labels specialising in them

"Sometimes dubplates functioned as a means for producers to road test new productions – getting a trusted dj like Grooverider or Randall to play it out and report back on the crowd’s reaction. At other times dubplates were unique versions of tracks that were literally created as secret weapons for big name dj’s, for example a special remix that only that one dj might have.

Hard as it is to imagine today, back in the 90’s there was so much mystery around this music – you would go to a rave or a club night and hear track after track after track that were simply not available to buy, and might not be available for months or even years. In this situation, if you heard something that blew your mind and wanted to hear it again, often your only option was to go see that dj again and hope they played it, or buy the tape pack from the event.

Dubplate culture was one of the key elements behind the incredible speed at which rave music evolved from through the 1990’s...  The dj’s and producers were constantly trying to upstage each other, and dubplates allowed new music to be played to ravers within days or even hours of being finished – no need to wait for labels or pressing plants or distributors or shops. Finish the track, get the DAT to a dj, they take it to Music House and have it cut, and it can go on the decks at a gig that night.

One of the side effects of this dubplate culture was, however, the fact that a lot of amazing tunes simply never came out. They were stuck on dubplate for many reasons – couldn’t fit into release schedules, artists and labels couldn’t reach a financial agreement, or the label owner(s) decided that the sound had simply moved on. Sometimes it was as simple as the original DAT being lost and no copies existing!

So for jungle fanatics, the years since 94/95 have been marked by the knowledge that there was a huge secondary catalogue of music that was only available to the public via low-quality recordings from raves and pirate radio...."


01. Dave Charlesworth - Guinness Track (ADR)
02. Simon 'Bassline' Smith - Oh Yeah (Deep Jungle)
03. J Majik - Telepathic (Deep Jungle)
04. The Invisible Man - Drifting (Drumtrip)
05. Equinox - Badman Style (Scientific Wax Retro)
06. Bizzy B & DJ DLux - Classic (Existence Is Resistance)
07. Bay B Kane - Cupid (Spandangle Selection)
08. DJ Nut Nut - You Can Do It (Deep Jungle / 8205 Recordings)
09. DJ Stretch - W (Dubplate Mix) (AKO Arcade)
10. Tom & Jerry - Bring Ya Dub VIP (AKO Arcade)
11. Bones & Natty - Thunder (Foxy Jangle)
12. Q Project - Champion Sound (Unofficial '95 Bootleg Mix) (Sublogic)
13. DJ Crystl - The Dark Crystl VIP (Hardcore Junglism)
14. DJ Renegade - What's Happening? (8205 Recordings)
15. Dillinja - You (Dom & Roland Productions)

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