Friday, May 13, 2022


here's a playlist I made of smoovgrooving '70s music (starts funk and souljazz, veers off into a rockier but still boogiefunkin' direction - what I call nifty groovers).

the list is almost infinitely expandable and I'll be adding to it on and off

The impulse came to me after hearing this tune played by a band on a little hill park near Santa Monica beach, catching the name "Grover Washington" and later managing to work out what the tune the group was covering was. 

This one, also included, is more than smooov, it is an argument for, nay proof of,  a Divine Plan for Creation

I feel there should be a book or at least an article written about Ramp's "Daylight" (maybe there is)

I remember hearing the original sample-source for the first time, having only known the Size version. It was in the middle of the '90s, while wandering around Camden Market - suddenly there's the vocal and the lick that I recognise and love, wafting across from a record stall. So surprised and delighted was I that I strode up the chap behind the counter and burbled "there's a jungle track that samples this!". The look of disgust on the jazzbo's face!

I can sort of see his point actually comparing the two - much as I love the Roni take, it leaves so many gorgeous glistening components behind in its ransacking raid on the rare groove archive (not that the jazz snob would have known that, having never gone within a million miles of jungle I'm sure)

But I'd be hard pressed to choose between the two

Jungle as a gateway drug to '70s souljazz (the tracks between tunes traceable here)

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Energy Flash the compilation

The Hi-Fi Junglist has put the Energy Flash CD - free with the original Picador 1998 edition, attached to the front in fact - on YouTube as a playlist. Below are all the track clips, separately.

Lots of treasure uploaded and some nifty playlists too at Hi-Fi Junglist - including this tune  whose absence on YouTube I'd noticed and had planned to do myself but not got around to, and now H-F-J has relieved me of the need and duty.

Friday, May 6, 2022


One of the greatest - most unusual and unorthodox - and sheerly beautiful - tracks of the peak moment of ambient jungle (late '93 / first half '94). Musicality unexpectedly emerging in a context considered widely, by supposed cognoscenti, to be sub-music ("jungle - it's just not music" as a colleague apparently said, and a dance-specialist to boot, a fan of Laurent Garnier). 

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Romford Ghosts


Love the title, the track not so enamored although I really liked some of Phineas II's other tunes