Thursday, July 2, 2015

all this mustard, i'm disgusted

fellow at ILM makes a handy Spotify playlist of every DJ Mustard single, just about

listening to the whole thing (well until I couldn't go any further) I was thinking how there were tracks on it that were just about the most sonically exciting mainstream-ish things of the last 3 years - "Rack City", "2 On", "Headband", "Paranoid"

but how wearing it was, en masse


(fun at first, the chanting marines doing drill being in every track, the "Mustard on the beat" audio-logo)

lyrically and worldview-ly pretty putrid too

i harped on the arrested-development aspect of ratchet the first time i posted about it here and nothing's changed with its nothing-changedness

as supple and vacant Muzak of capitalist unrealism  goes, it's delish, no doubt about that

on Power FM, Mustard and Mustardy stuff blends seamlessly into "Dre Day" and "Forgot About Dre" and "Regulate" ...

the changeless same of false consciousness and reification - West Coast style

interesting sub-theme with these two tracks - this is how things are meant to be (me on top, lording it)

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

pirate radio archive

amazing collation of pirate tapes digitized and shared by Dan Warburton

some going back to 1989

others pure darkside

quite a few station names i never heard of

could get lost in this particular cloud

oops here another (both via Dissensus thread)