Sunday, March 25, 2012

We were playing chess and as he mused on his next Dad-destroying move, Kieran (12-and-a-half) sang a little made-up song. And then in the midst of this ditty, clear as bell, there appeared the word "dubstep".

"Did you just say 'dubstep', Kieran?"

He nodded.

"How do you know about dubstep?"

He looked at me with that look of mild derision that is the default expression of proto-teenagers across the world.

"Everybody knows about dubstep, Dad."

When I pressed him on the matter, like exactly where he picked up the term (he wasn't sure: probably Youtube)and what exactly it was, it turned out he didn't quite have a clear idea.

But still: K is not hugely interested in music, not yet, so the fact that he knows about it indicated to me that it's really, finally, made it. It took ten years, but dubstep's crossed over.

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