Tuesday, March 20, 2012

grime thrillers

carl's post on nick love's outlaw as modern cinema du chav

reminded me of how one evening last year, idly watching recorded-earlier-that-day-footage of the Royal Wedding, and getting bored, i started flicking to other cable channels and then on one of the movie channels, i stumbled on a showing of this

then got into flicking back and forth between Adulthood and Will & Kate for a sort of two-sides-of-UK-today polarisation effect

not living in the country i simply had not noticed that there'd been a whole spate of grimesploitation/urban-yoof-action-dramas movies coming out of Britain.... they don't seem to get released here in the USA, presumably it's not a view of England that there's any niche market demand for

adulthood was the sequel to this

and then there was

and this (comedy version of kidulthood/adulthood?)

and this, described by the guardian as a grime musical (!)

oh and this near-future-dystopia-as-warped-mirror-of-present job

any more? and any of them any good? (adulthood was stilted enough to make me go back to the royal wedding voluntarily several times)

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