Friday, March 16, 2012

more BSE-beats

Adam Schwarz tells me that this mix of his and Mark Brown represents "the new wave of Baltimore Club... I've been calling it "Shakeoff", some people just call it simply "club music"... older Baltimore Club heads call it "Little Kid Shit" or "Dancer Music" or "Hopper Music". Its super youth and dancer oriented. It ranges from like 135-150 in tempo and reaches into the Philly and Jersey Clubs scenes as well, with minor differences. Basically super weird future-club"

talking of "shakeoff" - the jitteriness and palsied interfacing of hip hop and house reminds me a bit of "party people"-era todd terry but amped up and thugged out a bit

Adam points me towards some other stuff that is even more converged with Euro sounds: Sir Phresh (formely Young Phresh) and his crew PKE

that has a bit of Dance Ecstasy 2001 trance-meets-gabber to it

Adam also recommends two guys from Dem808z crew - Rip Knoxx, "a 20 year old producer from Baltimore who samples a lot of New Metal and makes everything in Minor Harmonic Keys" and his cousin Matic

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