Tuesday, March 13, 2012

calling the junglist cru

listen to this

listen to about the 2.10 mark

that clunking sound be will your jaw

hitting the floor

yes yes it is, it is

the man like Rob Haigh

the mighty mighty Omni Trio

the bit that starts about 1.26 into this:

nearly fainted with surprise when that came in

it appears to be not even sampled so much as just superimposed, or under-imposed, the track... which up to that point had been fairly thuggish-sexist bizniz-as-usual but then (as the more tender-hearted Omni vibe comes through) switches to slightly more reflective and vulnerable, "strugglin' to survive" type lyric


s'more Nuumy stuff in a Tyga track deeper into the Careless World album

not just that echo-chambered rave siren / foghorn-bleep heard in countless nuum-trax (and most recently on a track on Zomby's Nothing)

but half way through, what a surprise, gratuitous (and really dire) deployment of dubstep wobblage

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