Thursday, March 15, 2012

apparently Nitro Deluxe aka Manny Scretching Jr. nee Young Scretching used to play in Sun Ra Arkestra before he hooked up with Cutting Records

presumably that's why he's called the King of the Nubian Beat on the front of this 12 inch (i just have it with a white sleeve, which is a shame)

i wish YouTube had the "Closet Mission" and "Say Your Love" mixes of "On A Mission", the most far out tracks he ever did

but this is some strange celestial bizniz for sure

the mad vocal-sample as trumpet solo bit that comes in about 5.30 -- those "On A Mission" mixes are like that, to the power of ten, total phoneme-foam-phantasmogoria...

actually on this mix, the vocal wikki-delica gets even wilder

but still not out there as the Closet Mission and Say Your Love mixes of "Mission"

which are really not so far from John Oswald's "Dab"-bed up editrix of "Bad" by Michael J

i also inevitably think of where troutman takes the voice-box in the latter region of this (from 6.57 onwards) -- different technique, same kind of affect

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