Tuesday, March 27, 2012

shit, never knew about this until Aaron pointed me in its direction


never realised that Chill Records was from Luton either

hey what's this then? a prototype for Metalheads's "Terminator". well, not quite...

i actually reviewed something by Return of the Living Acid in a Melody Maker singles page, but it wasn't this

an odd transitional record - acid into breaks via bleeps

this might be the one i reviewed

shit, this one is really good

dammit i thought i owned all the bleepnbass i needed, but not the case, not the case

never even heard of this lot

again, uneasily moving into breakbeat house zone -- "breaks 'n' bleeps" is what i think called this sound-flavour on the other blog, a long while back .... not a genre, just a phase - a season's sound

back to original clique, i think i do have all the Chill 12 inches they did

again, another one never heard of, or even seen, which is odd, considering how much time i've spent trawling through boxes of poorly-treated rave 12s

Sonic Food?

ah well there's the "people of chemisty, people of rhythm" sample as heard on Kaotic Chemistry a bit later - and a bit better used

talking of food...

NRG later famous for his Korgis-sampling "I Need Your Lovin'" and others, here with an early take on the nuum's fetish for classical cheese


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