Tuesday, October 7, 2014

nu tru, tru nu - "a nod to the sound of my teenage self"

Press release for Inversion, the new album from Om Unit, which is on Metalheadz, and is also about Metalheadz:  

"Om Unit was schooled via Metalheadz. Although he earned his stripes via Hip Hop as DJ 2Tall it was breakbeat-hardcore and Jungle that shaped his attitude towards electronic music and the ferocious trail blazing of the Metalheadz crew was an undoubted inspiration....

Om Unit tells us how the project was conceived: The project is really for me, a nod to sound of my teenage self. I’d been speaking to Goldie about this project for some time and had begun work on series of sonic sketches with a feel to making a collection of work for Metalheadz when, to sweeten the deal, Goldie gave me access to some DATs out of his studio as well as some other sample collections from his archive which I gladly used as Salt n Pepper to spice up the work, for example on ‘Bardo Realms’ there is the sound of Goldie vocalising an ‘Ahhhhhh’ which is probably about 10-15 years old, I love the thought of that. I have been truly blessed to be able to put this project together and to be welcomed into the fold so readily. This project is not an exercise in technical skill, nor a showcase or automated sound design. It’s a blueprint of what could be another way

Not from Inversion, but Om Unit trak pointing towards it?

"what we gonna do right here is go back - way back" - quite!

The Om Unit - a nod to Omni Trio?

By coincidence - in the previous post's comments, Daze of Reality recommends "Shells For Gantz" as one of the better war dubs - and it turns out to be by Om Unit

coda: thought this entry from Fact's third quarter report on the 20 Best Albums of the Last Three Months (and things are getting out of hand with these summations of the year so far - what next, 20 Best Albums of the Last Month?), an entry on Sully's neo-jungle / retro-jungle Blue on Keysound, almost deconstructed itself, or cancelled itself out, as a set of claims and proleptic parries of objections and counter-arguments: 

"Jungle revivalism might have been flogged half to death, but it’s even hard to argue with Sully’s Blue, simply because he absolutely nails the brief. There’s something unquestionably authentic about his set of throwback anthems, from the crisp crunchiness of the drums to the bright and garish suite of synths. Blue is more than revisionist nostalgia for a sound thirtysomethings wish had never disappeared, it’s actually a handful of tracks that capture exactly what was so good about jungle in the first place."

the argument is, it's more than nostalgia, simply because it's so thoroughly achieved as an act of nostalgia?

still - given that my last post veered from rejecting retro-grime to embracing retro-junglizm without embarrassment, i can hardly claim to have sorted out my feelings on this subject....

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