Thursday, October 30, 2014

nu tru bonanza - neojunglizm + retrojunglizm from Kloke to Rumbleton

Project Squared / Sub Squared label founder Paul Cooper drops a tasty mix of "new old" jungle tracks from the last few years. One of them is off Kloke's forthcoming "First Light" EP on Sub Squared. 
01 Lee Gamble - Pandemonium Institute (Pan, 2013)
02 Hate - Darkcore (Hate, 2008)
03 Pearson Sound - Crimson (Beat Ritual Mix) (Hessle Audio, 2013)
04 Ramadanman - Don't Change For Me (Hessle Audio, 2010)
05 Pearson Sound - Blanked (Hessle Audio, 2010)
06 Shed - Fluid 67 (50Weapons, 2013)
07 Tessela - Nancy's Pantry (R&S, 2013)
08 Pev - Aztec Chant (Livity Sound, 2013)
09 Perc - Take Your Body Off (Tessela Remix) (Perc Trax, 2014)
10 Hate - Cunning Love (Hate, 2008)
11 Etch - Lost Methods (Keysound, 2013)
12 Andrea – You Still Got Me (Daphne, 2010)
13 Millie & Andrea – Ever Since You Came Down (Daphne, 2009)
14 SW. - Reminder (Burriddim Mix By DJ Sotofett) (SUED, 2013)
15 Anodyne - At The Gates Of Hell (Yellow Machines, 2014)
16 Hate - Submariner (Hate, 2009)
17 Sully - Blue (Logos Vapour Dub)(Keysound, 2014)
18 Kloke - Space & Time (Sub Squared, forthcoming late 2014)

Cooper's mix reminded me that Droid had pointed me towards a bunch of superior examples of the "tru nu" / rinse-retro-replica style, commenting that in his view "there is still a huge amount of potential in the jungle sound which hasn't been explored, potential that's there because of the massive amount of rhythmic and stylistic diversity of 93-95, which was shut down quite early - I see both amen and two-step as forms of consolidation."

Many of the producers deliberately revert to using old fashioned hardware - Akai, Amiga etc - to get the right vibe. 

What follows is a mega selection of wicked timewarp tunes, with Droid's comments in quotes.

"There's Ricky of course, who despite his amen addiction is still putting out great tunes in a metalheadz 96/97 kinda vibe"

"Dwarde is one of the Akai guys. Pretty young, but been around the scene for years. Hes got a great sensibility and ear. Reminds me a bit of the early Lucky Spin sound"

"Squatski/Phineus 2. Really high hopes for him. Another Akai/hardware dude."

"Some interesting stuff from the Amiga Akai YT crew"

"Dwarde put me onto this guy. [Earl Grey] Very diverse sound to his stuff"

"Reactiv - again, its more jungly d+B, but the quality shines through. Nebula along similar lines, both from the Sci-Wax stable."

"This guy [Anthony D] is all hardware and does some nice jungle and electronica crossover stuff. Really nice feel to his stuff"

And a couple more suggestions from Droid

Tim Reaper

And the splendidly named Rumbleton


Unknown said...

Good tunes - but this is kind of like someone buying a vintage telecaster and valve amp to get an authentic 50s rock n roll sound. This is not really in the same spirit that original Jungle tunes were created and certainly no improvements on original stuff.


oh i totally agree, really - or at least i'm deeply conflicted about it. ideologically opposed (did write Retromania after all) but texturhytmically seduced - and ultimately as nostalgic as anybody when it comes down to golden ages that i happened to be lucky enough to live through. i do think Droid's argument that there is still untapped potential in those sounds has some weight -- the scene whizzed through ideas so fast, each of its evolutionary stages could be stretched out and explored. however you are right that this is not what the young Dillinja, the young 4 Hero, the young DJ Crystl would be about. They'd be looking for the latest, the freshest, the newest. Are the tru nu lot any different than The Cramps or Stray Cats? Well the Cramps were great, in moments, and I did buy "Runaway Boys" at the time....