Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Mark Radford interviewed by Blackdown

main takeaways from Blackdown / Martin Clark's incredibly long interview with Lon Don Deejay of the moment Mark Radford, founder of  the Audio Rehab label and Rinse FM resident

1/ the sound starts with Booka Shade of Get Physical renown  - initially with just two, maybe three tracks by the duo that suggested to Radford the possibility of a future sound, a new direction -   a way of making his name - a whole concentrated night of just that, he found, drove the dancefloor mad

2/ it's all about the B-line

3/ Radford loves bleep and the Nineties North East techno sound of Unique 3, LFO, et al. And Nightmares On Wax, evidently - https://soundcloud.com/markradford/its-something-i-feel-exclusive-preview-mark-radford

So far, so nuumy then...

4/ Except: MCs are a no-no. Punters just want go deep with the music, get lost in it. Voices on top just distract

5/ It's a drug sound, a druggy scene.

6/ Wot u call it? Deeptech is the nearest name, the least unsatisfactory, but Radford doesn't like it - would prefer to not call it anything - just "house"

And one sweetly humanising data nugget:

He's 40, he had kids young, and they are now old enough to come to raves and watch Dad deejay.


Interesting interview, but what I'd really like to read is Martin's thoughts about deeptech / whatever u call it - since he's been a sceptic up until now, firmly in the "end of the roads" / nuum's up camp

This Booka Shade as Secret Source / Origin / Degree Zero  for deeptech is

a/ classic example of Vibe Migration

b/ a Tim Finney orgasm

I can't really hear how he got from there to here though

there's the bippety bassline I spose

but it all seems so much lighter than Nightshift, Massien, Cotier, Theo Nasa

lighter as in "less dark" but also less weight, less impact - detail-oriented, feathery

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