Sunday, August 23, 2020

when the Levy breaks

(aka Back to the Old Schoolly)

YouTuber says they used to play this at 45 rpm at hardcore raves

More Barrington bizniz


Spiro in comments points out this Levy-boosted beauty


Spiro said...

Just A Lil Dope - what an impressive track! Interesting that such a track should come from the USA, it's like ardkore in slo-mo with its cavernous melodrama and ragga samples, while swapping ardkore's hyperkinesis for a slow, battered/battering pummel. In some ways it could be seen as an early spiritual precursor to dubstep - weighty mid tempo beats that step or stomp, much better suited to the headbang than the frantic rave dance, and its cavernous sense of space and reggae samples.

On another note that Barrington Levy 'Whoaa' is iconic, one of the best tracks to use it being Princess Of The Possee 'Do The Right Ting', that most blissed out of your Mystery Tracks from a while back!


there's a whole Dissensus thread devoted to NY house whose ruffness and tuffness makes it proto-rave / proto-hardcore

that's where i came across the Just a Lil Dope tune in fact

ah yes i should have remembered the Princess of the Possee tune as a Levy based thriller