Monday, August 10, 2020

mouse is a feeling

as deep, dark, minimal, mysterious, serious, as anything out of Detroit

the raw-ngredients riginal

E-ternal techno roller

the raw-ngredients rmx


drumtrip = "rhythmic psychedelia" (copyright moi 1995, maybe 94 actually)

(actually that track's not where I got the notion from - it was the reversed drums on Omni "Mystic Stepper (Feel Better)" and just darkcore generally)

that's all done with retriggering on a MPC right (same with "Waremouse")

astonishingly basic technology (pre Cubase etc) used to astonishing effect / astonishingly effectively

a last blast of mousely magick (and only really truly amazing thing on the Two on One series)

This is an EP I regret not picking up with the pic cover and all, although the contents go a bit too far into minimalist moodscapery. main claim to memory is on the technical level.

Hype darking it up

Mice on the auto-rmx

pretty sure I got that square shaped (pic disc also?) 10-inch remix release -- more compelling to look at than listen though as i remember

what ho?! not heard / seen this before

there's lot more great early 2 bad Mice / kaotic kems stuff of course, plus the E-pochal remixes like Blame

this is a fave - esp the woozy "don't wanna lose your love" carousel bit

ruff-hewn riginal


Charlie w said...

All those still sound great. 2 bad Mice draw the clearest line between James Brown Funk, Bomb Squad era hip hop and hardcore. Tribal Revival, may have been too minimal for you but for me was the one tune that made me think something very different was happening to rave music. It blew me away at the time.


i enjoy listening to it while it's on but none of the tunes on that EP get under the skin of my memory as it were