Friday, August 7, 2020

hype the funk

Pearsall mix of DJ Hype that traces a year-by-year (four tunes from each annum) chronology of pre-jungle to post-jungle - from nuttE on-1 darkcore to the Enshitenment aka 1000 Year Reich of Linear Fastplod

Or so I assume (my ears have only got to "Shot in the Dark"). Looking at the tracklist, the last 12 tunes (96-97-98) don't ring any bells at all, not even as titles. Maybe they're good? I doubt it though, the power of scenius tends to push all but the most resilient auteurs into the Shitezone.

01. DJ Hype - The Chopper (Suburban Base)
02. DJ Hype - The Trooper (Scratch-A-Snare Mix) (Suburban Base)
03. Gappa G & Hyper Hype - Information Centre (DJ Hype Remix) (Ruff Kut)
04. DJ Hype - Shot In The Dark (Gunshot Mix) (Suburban Base)
05. Fallen Angels - Hello Lover (DJ Hype Remix) (iQ Records)
06. DJ Hype - Roll The Beats feat. MC GQ (Inject the Bass Mix) (Suburban Base)
07. Dopestyle - Fade Away (Ganja)
08. DJ Hype - Tiger Style (Ganja)
09. DJ Hype - Doomed To Fail (Breakdown)
10. DJ Hype - Going Out for da Loot (Ganja)
11. Marvellous Cain - The Hitman (DJ Hype Remix) (iQ Records)
12. Remarc - RIP (DJ Hype Remix) (Suburban Base)
13. DJ Hype - Freestyles of Bass (G-Line)
14. Dr. Octagon - Blue Flowers (DJ Hype Remix) (Mo'Wax)
15. Bally Sagoo - Chura Liya (DJ Hype Remix) (Higher Ground)
16. DJ Hype - True Playa'z Anthem (Parousia)
17. DJ Hype - Peace, Love & Unity Remix (True Playaz)
18. Armand van Helden - Ultrafunkula (Ganja Kru Remix) (ffRR)
19. Ganja Kru - Plague That Never Ends (Parousia)
20. Freestyles - Attack (True Playaz)
21. DJ Hype - Barking Bass (Global Thang)
22. Freestyles - Musically Dope (Ganja Kru Remix) (True Playaz)
23. DJ Hype - The Big 3Oh (True Playaz)
24. DJ Hype - Closer to God (True Playaz)


Charlie w said...

1000 year Reich of Jack Knife boom tsh is over. Liberated by Om Unit Listen to Law - All Om Unit Mix by Law (Repertoire) on #SoundCloud

Pearsall said...

hah, I do like the late 90's stuff too (obviously) but 'linear fastplod' is a nice coinage