Thursday, January 24, 2019

watch ya bass bins

sometimes i think this crazy archival (ardkival, even) culture of ours has gone a bit far, stripping the mystery a little as the frontiers of non-knowledge get pushed back further and further, everything documented and annotated and mapped -  tidied up

but then on t'other hand,  it is kinda cool that someone at The Ransom Note has dug up the story behind the voice that goes "watch ya bass bins i'm tellin ya" on Altern-8's "Infiltrate 202"

Turns out they they it sampled from a Sheffield pirate radio station - not necessarily this particular show, but this station - SRC aka Sheffield community Radio, which then became Fantasy FM - and this deejay duo, Astrix & Space

i went a-lookin' on account of this wikkid UKG tune that Cardrossmaniac2 dropped earlier this week

which doesn't as far as i can tell actually feature the vocal bit from  Chris Duckenfield  (aka Astrix - he also worked for Warp in the shop and various other functions)

just a folk memory allusion, maybe, or simply a perennially applicable warning! (you got bass bins, you better watch 'em)

the oil-slick noxious B-line on the G.O.D. tune made me think of another Sheffield connection - a later temple of bass boom - Niche

see, it's all connected...  there's these threads...  there's a word for it, it's on the tip of my tongue...

Astrix & Space i.e. Duckenfield and partner Richard Benson pop up here actually remixing "Infiltrate 202" !

other remixes, one by an illustrious name but not really lustrous

Ah Duckenfield and Benson it seems were RAC, a Warp act whose name rings a faint bell (stands for Richard And Chris)

That would qualify as late bleep maybe -  from 92

And this is arguably very late bleep  - from 1994

The sound getting a bit clean and fiddly by this point - not a great need to be keeping a watchful eye on those bass bins anymore

Yeah bleep to bassline via UKG - that would be the better line to follow


Tim 'Space Debris' said...

Huh that's weird. I listened to Altern 8's album a week ago not realising that's where that G.O.D. tune got its name. I mean it all must have been going on in my subconscious. Now that I think about it that must have been the reason why I clicked on 'Watch Ya Bass Bins' on youtube because I've heard that refrain a hundred times.

homoludo said...