Monday, January 21, 2019

Never Lost His Dreams

23 years old!

god bless whomsoever playeth that synth lick that come in at about 3.48  - sublime wisp of wistful melody cycling sensuously around and around and around

and god bless Lyn Eden

this selection triggered by the tunes Cardrossmaniac2 be dropping


well, how nuum nuum nummy is that - 50 percent of Smokin Beats = Neil Rumney, aka N.R.G., as in "I Need Your Lovin'" and "He Never Lost His Hardcore".

i did not know that when i started this little post - just now idly checked discogs -  you learn something every day, even an accredited historian of the subject such as moi

Rumney's pedigree goes back to the bleep era, his first tunes are on Chill Records

Although this debut from 1991 is more like breaks 'n' bleeps

and hark ye! it's got one of the same samples as the more famous later "Terminator", as well as near enough the same title

it's Rufige Cru who'll do a much better job with the samples from the movie and sonically live up to the lethal promise of the title 

flipside to "Never Lost His Hardcore" - but it's not that ruff in all honesty

back to Smokin Beats

he / they seem to have switched back over to house 'n'  g as early as 1994

a LOT of releases

bit daunting, i don't have the heart for a proper delve - perhaps someone else can tell me if there's anything as magic as "Dreams" in there?

odd, the proximity of N.R.G. to N'n'G, another UK garage outfit helmed by an old hardcore vet (Grant Nelson)

if Neil R had stuck with N.R.G. as his UKG alias, then the scene would have had an N.R.G. and an N'n'G - causing all kinds of name confusion

these are the thought-phantoms that beguile the brain of a nuumologist late at night

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