Friday, January 11, 2019


i don't get what they're trying to put across with the video though

in a way reminded me of this quote from Marc Acardipane about his Eighties attempts to make hip hop, inspired by Public Enemy and NWA (from my Voice profile)

 “But there came a time when I had to look in the mirror and realise, ‘You don’t come from Compton!’ We had to look for the street sound of Europe.” 

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Fernando Ramírez Ruiz said...

The comments on the video are interesting: seems like there`s an agreement the video is a vision of rap´s history feat eminem, some other guy and sixnine, who is in jail and most likely for good since he was caught on video offering money to murder someone. Among other things. Different views there but i agree it´s kind of clear there´s a criticism of rappers doing increasingly extreme nonmusical stuff to get noticed. The simple image of eminem contrasting with sixnine, and the other guy as a point in between.