Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Nightcores on Edm street

Shitecore, more like!

"Most nightcore artists traffic in distorted edits of tracks—mostly Top 40, J-pop, and K-pop—sped up to 160+ BPM, with vocals so cartoonishly high-pitched they could easily come from a starry-eyed anime idol"

"a healthy dose of parodic absurdity", zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

this one is at least overloaded and diabetic-coma-y - 

"a frenetic cacophony of jittering vocals and accelerating rhythms that spiral into shimmering, fragmented chaos"

but really, isn't it just Rustie  x PC Music = hearditbefore? 

with some glitchcore, and The Speedfreak, thrown in?

quite enjoyable in its way, but leaves you with a sinking feeling: will we never leave -  get past, go further than -  the Nineties?

adding to that sense of terminal entropy, ever decreasing (re)cycles.... c.f.  'wave' a couple years ago

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Unknown said...

will we never leave - get past, go further than - the Nineties?

No, we won't for some time. Why? Because the 90s where the decade the "Digital Age" finally got to the masses, at least in the Western World/OECD countires (the countries most affected by popular curlture/music). In the 90s PC/Computer usage became the norm, internet usage, game consoles, mobile phones, music-making via cheap (or let's say, affordable) gear, arranged on your home-computer. Globalization of the media etc. Those basic elements haven't changed fundamentally since then, just refined and gone fully digital.

It all depends on how do you interpret history though. If you subscribe to the idea of history as an ever going progress, then you'd be disappointed. If you interpret history as a sequence of defined "eras", which shape, then solidify and keep going for a while until the moment a new era takes place - as I do - you'd not ask such questions in the first place.