Wednesday, August 3, 2016

I can see for miles ant miles ant miles ant miles ant miles

for some reason, at the time, i thought "Cold Fresh Air" over-rated - perhaps that wafting vocal lick seemed part of the worrying shift towards serene 'n' clean on the scene

possibly i never even heard the above remix, which seems to me, right now, to be the ultimate "intelligent rinse" tune

here's the original

what else did Ant Miles do under this guise?

on the flip of CFArmx -

coming with the Alison Moyet / "Situation" giggle, for the umpteenth time in the annals of dance!

remixing himself (well him + a mate):

and on the flip

 earlier in the sequence, pre Moving Shadow era - and pretty darn ruff - this was the flip to the original "Cold Fresh Air"

back to Shadow, and quite late - atmospheric-cinematic

nice dissonant bell-tones reminding me of XON

to do the run-down of his other identities and collaborative alter-wegos would take another post or two...

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