Wednesday, August 24, 2016

dark side of the anthem

intriguing concept for mix over at Blog To the Old Skool (a few months ago, though) - Devnull mix comprising the other side of anthems, tracks eclipsed by their supremely known frontsides


Edge - Fl It [Edge] ("Compnded")
Top Buzz - Viola’s Delight (Instrumental) [Basement] ("Living in Darkness")
Neuromancer - An Unforgettable Feeling ("Pennywise")
Bukem - Enchanted [Good Looking] ("Music")
Pulse - Warning [Creative Wax] ("Stay Calm")
Johnny Jungle - I Like to Cry [Face] ("Johnny")
Krust - Resistor [Full Cycle] ("Music Box")
Cloud 9 - Call My Name [AAS Mix] ("You Got Me Burnin")
Metalheads - Knowledge [Synthetic] ("Terminator" or "Kemistry")
Jo - Imagine the Future [Awesome] ("R-Type")
4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse - We are the Future [Tone Def] ("Drowning in Her")
Mega City 2 - London to Essex [Extra Terrestrial] ("Darker Side of Evil")
Pure White - Jungle Rush [Lucky Spin] ("4 AM")
Original Unknown - The Touch [Ram] ("Valley of the Shadows")
Q Project - Night Moves (Alliance Remix) [Legend] ("Champion Sound Alliance Remix")
DJ Hype - Dreams [Suburban Base] ("Roll The Beats")
Pascal - Red Face [Face] ("Raw Basics Tango Remix")
Enforcer - Hellbound [Awesome] ("Dam Tuff")
Hyper-on Experience - Thunder Grip (KC Remix) [Moving Shadow] ("Lords of the Null Lines Foul Play Remix")
Tom & Jerry - Thriller [Tom + Jerry] ("Maxi(Mun) Style")
Bukem - Rain Fall [GLR] ("Horizons")
House Crew - Untitled [Production House] ("Superhero")
Engineers Without Fears - Rhythm [Production House] ("Spiritual Aura")
Deep Blue - Fantasy #3 [Moving Shadow] ("Helicopter Tune")
Skool of Hard Knocks - Don’t You Feel It [Grand Larceny] ("Kan U Feel It")
DJ Taktix - Deadly Pursuit [Back 2 Basics] ("The Way VIP")
DJ Gunshot - Black Magic [No U Turn] ("Wheel N Deal")
Remarc - Ice Cream & Syrup (Hard Mix) [Suburban Base] ("RIP")
DMS & Boneman X - Catch 22 [FX] ("Sweet Vibrations")
Cool Hand Flex - Rhythm Flow [In Touch] ("Melody Madness")
Krome + Time - Studio One Lik [Tearin Vinyl] ("Ganja Man")
DJ Hype + Ganja Max - Pum Pum Must Smoke Ganja [Ganga Recordings] ("Rinse out")
Subnation - Golden Hen [Mercyless] ("Scottie")
Capone - Soldier [Hardleaders] ("Massive")
Shimon - Within Reason [Liftin Spirits] ("Predator")
Renegade - Something I Feel [Moving Shadow] ("Terrorist")
Dillinja - Perfect Match [Deadly Vinyl] ("Deep Deadly Subs Remix")
DJ Nut Nut - Bloodclart Hour [Hard Step] ("Press Up")
Fallen Angels - Oh Yeah [IQ] ("Hello Lover")
Asylum - Desire [Metalheadz] ("Bass II Dark")
Krome + Time - Ruffneck Scouts [Tearin Vinyl] ("The License")
DJ Crystl - Paradise [Dee Jay] ("Let It Roll")
Urban Shakedown - Burning Passion [Urban Shakedown] ("Some Justice 95")
Babylon Timewarp - Changing [KVA / Mistermen] ("Durban Poison 95")

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