Wednesday, August 10, 2016

700 bleeps

a list of 700 bleeps bass 'n' breaks tunes!

"an exhaustive guide to every bass & bleep track that I know of" says its creator

according to him, this is the very first one - which I had never heard til this minute

Loads of treasure in this list, which will have to wait until I have a spare half-a-week to sift

But e.g. an outfit called Detromental that chap says is one of the best bleEPs he's ever heard

And this very early tune from Nightmares on Wax - when they were called Nights On Wax

Manchester cru sounding very deep tech

Ubik fellow sounding more Belgian than bleep (and it's on R&S)

London cru

New Yorkers paying tribute - "Love In Sheffield Mix" !

a public service, this chap's list

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