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dissensus jungle poll - forgot / never knew, part 2

By special request, I peruse the choices of Oliver Craner. Viz -

Rufige Kru Terminator 2 Remix
Foul Play Finest Illusion (Legal Mix)
Origin Unknown Valley of the Shadows
DJ Crystl Warpdrive
A Guy Called Gerald Nazinji Zaka
Shimon Predator
E-Z Rollers Believe
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Drowning in Her
Tom & Jerry Maximum Style
Omni Trio Renegade Snares (Foul Play remix)

Hyper-on-Experience Lord of the Null Lines (Foul Play Remix)
DJ Hype Roll the Beats
4 Hero Journey from the Light
Foul Play Open Your Mind (Remix)
A Guy Called Gerald Too Fucked to Dance
Bodysnatch Euphony (Just 4 U London)
DJ Rap Spiritual Aura (Get Raw Remix)
Noise Factory Can You Feel the Rush
Dillinja Deeper Love (Remix)
Subnation Scottie

Deep Blue Helicopter Tune (Rufige Kru Remix)
Brain Killers Screw Face
Intense Journey to the Unknown
Studio Pressure Jump Mk II
Droppin Science Vol 1
DJ Dextrous Time to Move
Tom & Jerry Air Freshener
Roni Size Music Box
A Send & Ultravibe What Kind of World
Leviticus The Burial

Johnny Jungle Johnny (Origin Unknown Remix)
Beyond the Future Feel It
Higher Sense Cold Fresh Air
DJ Trax High Time (Nookie Remix)
DMS & The Boneman X Sweet Vibrations
DJ Rap Digable Bass (Heaven Remix)
Q-Bass Gun Connection
LTJ Bukem Horizons
DJ Crystl Dark Crystl
Manix Back to Burn

Chimera Deeper Life
Lick Back Organisation Maniac Music (Lick Back VIP Mix)
Run Tings Ruff Revival
Dillinja You Don’t Know (Remix)
Boogie Times Tribe Dark Stranger (Q-Bass Remix)
Roni Size Time Stretch
Skanna Until the Night is Morning
LTJ Bukem Atlantis
Tom & Jerry Dancer
Underground Software Music Maker Posse

Well I recognise nearly all of them - indeed I voted for most of them myself, I think.

There's only four that don't ring any kind of bell:

Ah, fuck me - LOVE this tune, and in fact it is a Mystery Track that I have on a pirate tape that I was going to present here as an audio clip in the hope someone would identify it.

Love that scorching Mentazmoid lick. The same "I'll be there" diva lick as the Omni Trio tune.

Skanna as a name I associate with this sort of techno-y flavour - cold, searing. Jungle techno as they used to call it.  Related to things like Nebula II maybe, and pointing to the techstep direction -  No U Turn things like "Squadron"

Never heard this! Again, with those cold-phuture techno vybes.  Really good this - wicked production touches, creepy sound-warps.

Always liked the title "The Quickening", on the same side of this 12-inch (with "Paradox" on the other).  The sound is good too - ear-itching electro-acoustic tingles.

Another one I never heard!  Good stuff - creepy-crispy sound, unnerving high-end sounds. Neurotic beats.  Produced by Peshay, under another name, with Bay-B-Kane engineering - that is pedigree.

Some of the elements used in the track I recognise - that ethereal-girl vocal - but I think because used elsewhere. Or maybe I once caught a portion of this track in the mix on some pirate tape.

(Could do a whole darkcore poll really.)

I had a feeling I would recognise this one as soon as it drops - and so it was. A good 'un -  unusual bleepy licks over a rattling more standard 94-jungle groove + raggamuffin vocal bits. Nice bass warpage.

A cut above - so many ideas run through in under 5 minutes.

Some of the other tunes I recognise the artist and track title but the audio-picture is hazy at best:

I remember liking this one at the time - as much for the title as the tune - but couldn't quite summon the memory

Until I put it on - and of course, of course, LOVED this back in the day. B-line like a trampoline. Bounceable bass more like.

Definitely should have had this in my list. Canonic,

The mighty Run Tings...  Couldn't recall this one at all. But of course as soon as I put it on...

Good stuff, all right moves made... doesn't really stand out for me though. Like those horns though.

Remember the original well, because I loved the fact that it starts with a Grace Slick sample from Woodstock - "you've seen the heavy groups, now you'll see some morning maniac music". Although the track itself seemed fairly par for the course

Don't recall this remix although it's on Drum & Bass Selection 2 which I have.

Interesting - bit like malfunctioning machinery at the start. Ah, then it gets rather wicked - tremolo bass in the Droppin' Science style.

A good oddity. Lower reaches of the canon maybe.

Well, the Intelligent Hoodlums EP completely bypassed me I got to admit. Like the title.

No recollection of this one at all. Standard Reinforced business.

Rest of EP getting a bit Luke-puke-worthy perhaps? "Jazz Bop" as a title sets off the alarm bells

But no, "True Mathematics' at least is still fairly rough and strange-angled.

"Jazz Bop" as feared strays into the "estate agent music" zone. The Jacob's Optical Stairway zone (love that album, I do - which is odd because normally I don't really like that kind of thing either)

Back to Oliver's picks

Have a few Underground Software things I think... But none terribly memorable, I feel. Reinforced stuff could get a little diffuse especially as 94 bleeds into 95/96.

Now here's one I thought knew - but didn't (although I own it). I guess it's so abstract it defies memory.

Mad, sick, psyche-slurry darkcore - incredible.  Gerald, what a wizard. Sonic sorcery.

Finally a couple where I know the primary tune but not the remix

Actually in this next case, I know and rate (supremely) the primary tune, but remember finding the remix disappointing

Yeah I don't think G-man rufiged this up enough really. It's mostly cos the original is so definitive and perfect, so that what's added / altered detracts.

I think this was the first thing by Goldie I felt was less than amazing. (It wouldn't be the last, of course).

(Although Internal Affairs from earlier is not all that - but I heard that one later on).

You know I have this, I think - but not with the amazing / gross pic sleeve!

Sub Base put out a slew of these "Johnny" remixes, didn't they? A flurry of four or something like that, on 10 inches as I recall.  Or were there even six? It felt unmanagable. I got them as promos - Sub Base had started to service me with them late in '93. So exciting to get stuff by them and Moving Shadow through the mail!  However I don't think any of the Johnny refixes grabbed me as much as the immaculate original.

But this Origin Unknown one  is good - faultless in its way.

There was a Droppin' Science one too

Good stuff.

BTW - "just so nah one tek it personal" - the point of this exercise was really for me to comb through and find the gems I missed the first time

We all have our specials that we cathected for whatever reason...  because of where it was situated in the mix of that incredible pirate tape whose every MC line is burned into your brain - or perhaps a comp someone made for you that had an oddity snuck away on a side full of incontrovertibly great tunes.

Or to do with vagaries of supply - in '93 for instance I was in NYC for about 9 months of the year where it was very hard to get the 12 inches, impossible to get tapes unless a London friend took pity / charity, and where three or four CD comps made it through to import shops in Greenwich Village. So the tapes I made off pirates during mysix weeks stints in the UK I would then have to make last for months and play over and over again - creating attachment to lesser tunes, I'm sure.  And I know from people in the UK who didn't live in London that they depended on the CD comps reaching them in the boondocks, and those comps could often be motley and variable in quality levels, but yeah, you get attached, when it's all you got.

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heronbone said...

hes big on atmosphere isnt he. more atmospherics than anthems. that intense tune is intense. that was my favourite out of the ones i wasnt familir with.