Tuesday, February 9, 2016

recreativity - the darkcore chapter

two re-takes on the classic Boogie Times Tribe "The Dark Stranger"

from the '93 Remix Project - fan remakes and reproductions of hardcore tunes

following the same approach more or less as Kniteforce man Luna C's reconstructions of ardkore classics - i.e. finding new and cleaner sources for the constitutent samples....   but less tied to exact reproduction

this one is excellent i think...

ah here is Luna C getting the same treatment he dealt out

Takes some steelclad bollocks to risk taking on this sacred text!

done a really good job though

another case of "classic, meet temerity"

rather faithfully treated, that one - bit kidglove. seems to be going for exact reproduction with superclean sample-sources?

ooh gosh, i almost don't want to hear what's been done to this personal ab fav

it's more boppy and bouncy but the atmosphere isn't there - and the diva ain't right. bold effort though. beats get interesting in the middle part.

another Big Tune, taken on

ooh and another personal fave - as featured on the Energy Flash CD

this next a liberal interpretation, not wholly lovable

and the mighty Helicopter Tune, retrofitted

Simon Harris I think having the biggest success rate here overall...

Criminy cripes, there's a project for '92 too


have to explore that one on a less busy day...

ooh some ruff 'n' weird bonus beats

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Steevecross said...

While the originals remain untouchable, these remix jobs are way more enjoyable than the classics-remix wave from the 2000s (around 2003,2004 especially)