Tuesday, February 2, 2016

"big up all ghetto youth"

Drumtrip's Law with a Hidden Agenda mix  - all Hidden Agenda and nothing but

Hidden Agenda: an act I associate with d&b's mature peak of artistry, soundtrackizm + criss beats.

"Is It Love?" is the track that I thought was amazing - so so cinematic - the intro "big up - big up - big up - big up all ghetto youth"... , that sidling sneaky B-line, the Think-age, the whispery voices then ooh the whiiiiisk dissolve to a different groove altogether .... the Moog curlicues.... the Rhodes keys... the horns in the hall of mirrors...

I had "Is It Love?" on tape for quite a while before it came out on vinyl - off of a Grooverider show on Kiss FM?

See also God Is No Longer A DJ's piece on Whatever Happened to Hidden Agenda

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Robin Tomens said...

Yes, Hidden Love...a pleasure to play at The Rumpus Room back then...one of, if not the very best to dice'n'slice jazzy fusion with d&b, shifting gears sublimely in the process.