Monday, February 8, 2016

"If I could just No U Turn back time" - 20 years since techstep

Pearsall with a mix of nothing but techstep and nothing but No U Turn -  #6 of his 780 project

Actually not nothing but No U Turn in the sense that there's other labels on it, but nearly every track involves someone from the No U Turn stable either as lead credit or collaborator or on the remix tip. Or let's say heavily indebted to No U Turn.

Pearsall's spiel about the mix here - along with an old review of mine of the Techsteppin' comp

01. Dom & Optical – Quadrant Six (Fierce Remix) (Audio Couture)
02. Ed Rush & Nico – Technology (No U-Turn)
03. Ed Rush & Nico – Technology (Boymerang Remix) (No U-Turn)
04. Jon The Dentist – France (DJ Trace vs Ed Rush Remix) (Tec)
05. Ed Rush – Skylab (Metalheadz)
06. Optical – The Shining (Metro)
07. Ed Rush & Optical – Slip Thru (Virus)
08. Dom & Roland – The Planets (Moving Shadow)
09. Ed Rush – Subway (Prototype)
10. Ed Rush – Check Me Out (Emotif)
11. Ed Rush – What’s Up (No U-Turn)
12. Ed Rush, Nico & Fierce – Mad Different Methods (Nu Black)
13. Rollers Instinct – Haze (Emotif)
14. Bad Company & Trace – Nitrous (Bad Company)
15. Dom & Roland – The Storm (Moving Shadow)
16. Ed Rush, Optical & Fierce – Alien Girl (Prototype)
17. Usual Suspects – Killa Bees (Fierce & Optical Remix) (Renegade Hardware)
18. Ed Rush & Optical – Fixation (Virus)
19. Ed Rush – Sabotage (Metalheadz)
20. Ed Rush, Trace, Fierce, Nico & Optical – Edtrafienical (Sublogic)
21. Boymerang – Still (Dom & Optical VIP Mix) (White)
22. Nico – Lo (No U-Turn)
23. Ed Rush – Defect (No U-Turn)
24. Ed Rush & Nico – Proton (No U-Turn)
25. Trace & Nico – Area 51 (Volume)
26. Genotype – Extra-Terrestrial (Dom & Roland Remix) (Renegade Hardware)
27. Dom & Roland – Thunder (Moving Shadow)
28. DJ Trace – Sonar (Ed Rush & Optical VIP) (DSCI4)
29. Bad Company & Trace – Flashback (Tumpa) (Bad Company)
30. Fortran – The End Part II (31 Records)

Great selection if I was to point out one heinous ommission it would be - 

Fellow traveler wise I mourn the absence of "Shadow Boxing" and "Metropolis"


Pearsall said...

Squadron is a tune!

I did include it on a mix called Orange Dawn a few years back, and I have been trying to follow a policy of not reusing any tunes from mixes that I have made since my daughter was born five years ago (arbitrary rules are the best rules):

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