Saturday, February 20, 2016

London's Dreaming - Woebot's History of Hardcore

the nuttah Woebot with 5 hour epic mix of the greatest music of our time -

here he explains

London is Dreaming track-list in full:

Rhythm Section - Dreamworld
Urban Shakedown - Bass Shake
A Guy Called Gerald - The Musical Magical Midi Machine
Nookie - Give A Little Love
The House Crew - Keep The Fire Burning
4 Hero - Ghost Stories
Ephemerol - 456
MI7 - Rockin’ Down The House
The Brothers Grimm - Exodus
Hyper-On Experience - Assention
Sy-Kick - Follow Me
Sub Love - Maniac Music
Foul Play - Feel The Vibe
Body Snatch - The Strength
Foul Play - Dubbing You
Rufige Kru - Kemistry
Noise Factory - All Crew
Yolk - Music 4 Da People
DJs Unite - Bass Penetrates
Psychotropic - Hypnosis (SL2 Remix)
Andy C - Never Felt This Way
A Guy Called Gerald - The Freak Inside
Q Bass - Funky Hardcore
D’Cruze - What A Rush
Neuromancer of Structural Damage - Pennywise
Wax Doctor - The Stalker
Tango - Timebomb
Bay-B-Kane - Bagpipes in Effect
Timelapse - Sued For a Sample
DJ Rap And Aston - Feel The Magic
Ekude - Common Sensi
DJ Crystl - Suicidal
Hyper-On Experience - Disturbance
Noise Factory - We Have It
Body Snatch - Tuffness
A Guy Called Gerald - Darker Than I Should Be
4 Hero - Journey From The Light
The House Crew - Maniac (The Final Conflict)
Ruffige Cru - Ghosts of My Life
Foul Play - Finest Illusion
Manix and Rufige Cru - You Held My Hand
Noise Factory - Can You Feel The Rush
Doc Scott - Street Knowledge
Trinity - Chapter 19
DJ Hype - Come Again
Dillinja - Untitled
The Whitehouse Crew - Anonymous
Underground Software - Music Maker Possee
Tayla - Remnants
Flatliner - The Big Bang
DJ Kane - Lost
Smokey Joe - Shining Remix
Randall and Andy C - Feel It
International Rude Boyz - Paragone
DJ Solo - Deal Wid It
L Double - What Am I Gonna Do?
AK47 - Body Candone
DJ Flynn and DJ Flora - Jungle Love
Aladdin - We Enter
Noise Factory - Feel The Magic
Fusion - Love for the World Part 2
Roni Size - Fresh
Dillinja - Stompers Delight
Dillinja - Deep Love Remix
Cold Mission - Drug Store Rude Boy
Deep Blue - Helicopter (Rufige Kru Remix)
Low Key Movements - Come Cross!!
Koda - The Deep
DJ Crystl - Crstylize
Gappa G and Hypa Hyper - Roach is Burning
Charlie Recall - Submerged
DJ Nut Nut + Pure Science - The Rumble
DJ SS - Black
DJ Pulse - Stay Calm (Foul Play Remix)
Shimon - Within Reason (Liftin’ Spirits Remix)
Cool Hand Flex - Melody Madness
808 State - Azura (Dillinja Remix)
Maldini - Daze
DJ Die - Play It For Me
Glamour Gold - You Can Run
Firefox - Bass-switch
Capone - Mysteries of The Deep
Firefox - Bonanza Kid 

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