Sunday, August 16, 2015

Somali dancemix / "Ethiopian Girl"

this mix - one side of a tape put out by Cayk Recordings and purchasable here - is fairly variable stuff, as is so often the case with African cassette archaeology.... but moments of magic fade in and out through the golden fog of analogue-decayed-with-age that make it worth sticking with it

one of the more magical bits is the tune near the end,  Dur-Dur Band's "Ethiopian Girl"

which despite the title is some sort of a cover / rewrite of Londonbeat's 1990 smash "Thinking About You" (#2 UK; #1 Billboard)

now a dude on YouTube says "Ethiopian Girl" is the original

sole commenter says, 'nah, mate', though


more Dur Dur Band

this is that 80s Ethiopia / Somali stuff Ariel P is into (and did a naughty with), right? Deng-era slickfunk.

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