Monday, August 17, 2015

"e suona ruvido..." - Osiris - Hooligan Rufftapez Vol. I

The Return Of The Donut - Cloud Nine (1992)

Dub War (Chapter One) - Dance Conspiracy (1992)

Surgery (Ordinary Mix) - Dj Doc Scott (1991)

Euphony (Just For U London) - Bodysnatch (1992)

Hardcore Helmet - Cosmic Brian (1992)

Knowledge - Metalheads (1992)

Close Your Eyes (Optikonfusion!) - Acen (1992)

Every Body E - 3 Rude Bwoy (1992)

Rave On The Nile - The Bab'e'lon Crew (1992)

Ware Mouse - 2 Bad Mice (1991)

Atheama - Nebula II (1991)

Sunday Raver - Son Of God (1992) (?)

Breakage 4 (I Bring You The Future) - Noise Factory (1992)

So Tight - The Man With No Name (1993)

Lord Of Null Lines (Foul Play Remix) - Hyper On Experience (1994)

Bells Of Dawn (Jumping Jack Frost Remix) - Ratty (1994)

A Touch of Darkness - DJ Lee (1993)

The Execution - Gwange & Spinback (1994)

Bastards - Blackman (1994)

Darkrider - Rufige Cru (1992)

Black Rose - Hokusai (1996)

Dred Bass (Original Mix) - Dead Dred (1994)

Clint - Area 39 (1994)
Other Side Of Town - Elementz Of Noize (1996)

Ruffest Gun Ark (DJ Rap Mix) - Top Cat (1995)

Greetings Jungle - Half Pint (1994)

Phat & Phuturistic (Part. 2) - 
Little Matt (1994)

Complete Control - Cool Hand Flex (1993)

High Tech - Dj DD Hass & Extensive (1992)

Johnny (Original '92 Mix) - Johnny Jungle (1995)

A1 - Suburbia (1993)

High Tek Dreams - Ed Rush & Optical (1997)

Wanton Conduct - Source Direct (1999)

Chill Out - DJ Fokus (1993)

Dubplate Culture (Original Mix) - Soundscape (1997)

We launch the Mixcloud channel through the 'THREATS' series. THREAT #1 is a powerful 40-minutes-long mix by Osiris, called Hooligan Rufftapez Vol. I (side B)Here you can find the lastest stuff the young dj from Milan put out. Osiris did welcome our proposal to mix up different old-school hardcore / rave tracks so good that the output to that is a vorticose and loose selection of music. Actually, that's 'ardkore music we're talking about (see the name: Hooligan Rufftapez). Below you will find the tracklist. Everything has been tracked down and hyperlinked to the matching discogs release, together with the release date. Talking about personal infos about him, it's possible to find some checking at his FB page.

The podcast opens with an immediate siren-like sound (mainly videogame-derived, not the typical airhorn hip-hop). It's the big gathering. Won't take long till the Hoover sound comes up. Since here, the mix does an unstoppable recap about hardcore music, both considering the history - he's been using tracks from '91-'92 in the first minutes, than we went back to '97-'99 through the end of the mix - and the mood of those years. We really feel we're in a rave. We're living back in that early-days bubblegum-rave reality, before the black-genre diaspora, before junglism, before 'intelligent' productions. A hedonistic and unawarely-happy world in which music is free from any kind of labeling, far away from some rave-hits hitting the chart. Here rule mermaid-like feminine voices, terrorizing breakbeats, frequent LFO / 808 State and hip-hop / ragga tributes paid through sampling. Here it's possible to live in a total human and cultural mix-up, wearing dazzling and baggy pants, taking some Eeeees... And your face still smiling.

As the times goes by the choosen tracks are from a later period which could eventually be as labelled jungle, as the breaks go faster and mental-er. At the end, the mix is some of an intense look at the UK Dubplate Culture, which used to be a completely de-individualized culture, free of barriers. In other words, that's one of the most hardcore (both in the punk and in the dancefloor sense) and most exciting culture / music ever revealed to happen in the Industrialized world. We wish to thank Filippo for being so kind and enthusiastic in mixing this podcast for us. Please enjoy it. Support Osiris.  

"You’re not that crazy lad you were before. Sad to admit, but so it is. You’ll never experience those sensation, those emotions again. You sink your hands in the cardbox full of stuff and every single item carries the most beautiful memories. The best days of your life. The freest, you never had worries nor responsabilities. Flyers, tees, porsters, invitations, membership cards, records (so many records!) and tapes. You went mad for tapes. Best thing ever were those Saturdays in which you and your posse used to lock yourself at your place, smoking and spinnin’ records. In those afternoons, it ofted happened that you recorded the session, ready to become the soundtrack for those long car trips to the parties. You find yourself looking at this tape and you’re immediatly teleported twenty years in the past: mid-nineties, T.P.’s banged up Eclipse and never ending late summer night. You remeber it all: four of you on that car, cops had blocked every road to the location and you with your pockets full of stuff decided to avoid police checkpoints by taking secondary roads in the countryside. That night you didn’t see the massive stages nor the huge crowd dancing, but the most stunning dawn ever. In the fields, you crazy guys raving on the grass at the sound of this tape, celebrating life in the name of a carelessnes you never had again in the next years." words by Filippo (Osiris)