Monday, August 10, 2015

Retrohandz? "Jungle terror"?

Jungle Terror explained by The Zeusian

"The genre that I’m referring to is created by a Netherlands DJ and producer named Wiwek. His productions get played around the world at all the festivals such as EDC, Ultra, Tomorrowland and HARD to name a few. The genre is called Jungle Terror. It combines Dutch House synths, steel drums, Tropical Bass kicks, jungle noises, monkeys, elephants, birds and any exotic animal sounds in a track."

Moombahton meets Johnny Morris!

Some examples according to the Z-man:

And another from Retrohandz

Those are all quite old - this one is bit more recent

Sounds like a more frenetic, tribally version of trap.

You hear quite a few tunes in this "Turn Down For What" vein bunged in the mix shows on the rap station Power FM  here in LA - usually the weekend mix show, vibing people to get ready to go out presumably. 

This one reaches gabba levels of flail and blather

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Unknown said...

I like this to some extent. However, like with much of today's (pop)music, it doesn't get me really excited. It basically sounds "too digital" for me. I bet the guy has a software only studio outfit.