Thursday, April 30, 2015

yeah it´s party-chicken-shit, but anyway, what we need is some real tekno, return to zero, it´s time for a change. From the streets of raveworld, PCP, Inferno Bros., Power-Force, on a mission to defend the faith. We are all slaves to the rave. Need a bass!

Inferno Brothers - Slaves To The Rave

the clan's own remixes

the original

the non-clan remixes

does the chant really go BIGGER BALDER BETTER  as one youtube poster has it?

it wasn't this lively when I went to Nightmare in Arnhem


Tim 'Space Debris' said...

Are you just quoting this or using it as some kind of 2015 call to arms?

I don't know if I want some of my favorite music imitated by z great twerps 20 years after the fact to cheapen the original source material.

Loving your hardcore series. Didn't know Miro was Reign, who are one of my all time faves. Also didn't know he was Stickmen or Jack Lucifer.

Every time for the last 2 years when I get on my bike I have my own demented trip into gloomcore (speedcore and gabber too) remembrance.

Onya Simon.

Simon said...

it's just a quote from the intro

someone online transcribed it

always loved it, wondered they are taking the piss out of or taking up arms against - some lightweight trance rave promoter in Frankfurt?

glad to hear you are digging the series - could run and run. got about five ideas set up to go next but the list in potentially interminable

thought i had a LOT of gloomcore / doomcore but there is tons i missed