Thursday, April 30, 2015

PCP at the movies

as used in the famous 'club' scene in Morvern Callar -

303 Nation "Double Speed Mayhem"

i could swear these sounds go with these images

or perhaps it's the bit before - before she leaves the club - just her face flashing in and out of the strobing darkness - looking utterly inexpressive, affectless, stunned perhaps -  while arms flail around her and stricken-with-bliss faces come into view momentarily

what a track! available only on the PCP compilation Frankfurt Trax: Volume 4  - a  lost classic of acieed-gabber, the 303-riptide riff shredding the fabric of time-space. Its annihilating gusts of cosmic virulence almost sound like the blueprint for The Mover's own all-time darkgasm peak "Apocalypse Never".

Similar to this monsta

love the voice at the start - "dis is my concept - here it is"

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