Tuesday, April 28, 2015

2017 <<<< >>>> 1990

Fuck me, how did I miss this one? Flipside of "We Have Arrived" - a mad tune, "Reflections of 2017", from 1990.

Reflections of 2017, according to Discogs, is actually the name of the EP (but a two track EP).

So this is it - the start of the whole "see you in 2017" chiliastic Mover mythos! The singularity that is pulling him forward forward ever forward into the phuture like a tractor beam!

Fuckinell, Mescalinum United interviewed, on TV!

Forgot about this - their first release  - 1989, in some accounts, or 1990

Supposedly there's a sample of "Children of the Revolution" in there somewhere.

Then came one of the most (techno)world-historical releases ever

Didn't know about this remix of "Arrived" by Miro

Manu Le Malin did one too

And back in the day Aphex Twin of course did one

flipped by Mover's own remix

Now where did this - The Second Coming - fit into the sequence? Compilation only track? Actually it was on the Frankfurt Trax Vol 3 vinyl slab - a promo for the CD of the same name?

Then came the first of the Symphonies of Steel series of volumes - Merzbaulinium United, more like!

And it's flipside

Then this  single-side bit of vinyl - which i covet i must say (i have the track on a Frankfurt Trax CD)

Then the second Symphonies of Steel - 'Jupiter Pulse"  pure ambient gabba - and "Jupiter Union"

Then this culmination of Symphonies of Steel

He always denied an influence from EBM and Front 242 and industrial - but I can't help persisting in hearing a homage to Die Krupps's "Stahlwerkssinfonie"

The Mover played Tresor only twice apparently - this for the release party for Frontal Frustration

Oh for a time machine...

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