Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Dissensus NOUGHTIES NUUM POLL results are rolling out.

Here's something I voted for that I'm fairly sure will not make the cut, despite being verily the dawn of grime (dawning, strangely, at the very top of the charts)

YouTube not existing back then, and me not living in the UK, there's so many UKG videos I never saw during the 2step pop crossover years

Like this one (which did place in the Noughties Nuum Poll)

What an odd little video

And why did B15 change the title from "Girls Like This" (the chorus) to "Girls Like Us"?

No video for this though (and I suspect it's another tune that will not make the poll)

That "you smoke Paul" dialogue is from Abigail's Party, right?

If not "Bound 4", then definitely not this (around which Mark F constructed a whole proto-grime, punk-rave article for Hyperdub, in those days a website)

Will So Solid & friends be represented at all? Maybe for "Dilemma", almost certainly not for anything with MC-ing on...  I think I voted for this though:

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