Wednesday, May 1, 2013

escape from the Planet Retro

"Strafed with sirens, jittery chords, and synth glissandi, "Dopamine Rush" is just that, and "Dread" feels like several chapters' worth of Simon Reynolds' Energy Flash condensed into six jaw-grinding minutes of rolling breaks and diva loops..." - Spin's Philip Sherburne on a track by Infestus on the One Eyed Jacks label: 

yes it's like a mash-up of Todd Terry and Human Resource with a smidge of 93-Reinforced 

Sherburne on other tracks from Lisbon producer Infestus's Lost Bangers EP:

""Tundra Riddim" clenches its fist around brittle Eskibeat and "Pulse X"-styled bass brutalism. The outlier is "Logistics," which grounds itself in canonical bleep techno — squarewave bass, dissonant chord stabs, "Think (About It)" yelps, the whole nine yards — yet still manages to sound futuristic, like an escape pod launched from the planet Retro."

"Canonical bleep techno" - love it!

Would probably love it I could hear it, too, but they don't have  "Logistics" (or  "Tundra Riddim") on YouTube. But they do have another Lost Banger tune, "Dread"


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Infestus said...

wow! the legendary simon reynolds writes about me! thank you so for the kind words. btw one eyed jacks has posted the preview clips here: