Friday, May 10, 2013

interview with Bert Random, author of rave novel Spannered, by Carl Neville over at the Nineties-Noughties blog up close and personal

interview is great, book sounds great

(Incidentally, I always thought it was indicative, in a sad sort of way, that up close and personal was originally and for a long time a Nineties blog, sitting alongside the Seventies and Eighties blogs....   and then they decided to tack the Noughties on, shunt them into the Nineties blog ....  as if, the Noughties: the decade that doesn't warrant a blog of its own.)

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Julian Bond said...

Indicative. Yes. Have we got enough distance yet to give teh Oughties their own blog?

Oughties music, like, say, Cinematic Orchestra, is already turning up in gardening programs on BBC2. That makes it "history", doesn't it?