Thursday, April 25, 2013

in a drummige-flashback, Our God Is Speed locates a precedent for "Amen" in a Duke Ellington track "Blue Pepper" that came out three years before "Amen, My Brother"

and then also unfurls "some classic, disrobed oldskool choppage" by Amazon II, the killer "Booyaa"

clean forgotten how many pearls were scattered in just two or three years by Gavin King aka Amazon II aka Aphrodite aka A-Zone aka a dozen other aliases and collaboration identities

and this one, the A-Zone remix of Urban Wax's "You Take Me Up", with amazingly shifty sidling beats  and hypergasmatic divas and  lazer riffs  - a sister track to Foul Play's "Being With You"

but then there's this

a collaboration between King, Mickey Finn and another dude...  a hardcore/jungle foundational classic, and a Top 30 hit too.

but later on (1997-ish) GK's stuff started to veer in this good-times-y, party-up jungle direction... it got a bit bouncy....

is this the big tune of that era I'm thinking of? 

i think he also improved his gear and the sound went a bit glossy.... something of the grit disappeared

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