Wednesday, April 17, 2013

the 4 Hero / Stranglers connection

great lost 4 Hero tune from Enforcers 2, for some reason refusing to let me post it here

heard it in this triff LTJ Bukem mix from back in the day

tracklist here at Hardscore as well as the first part of the mix

must have been made around the same time as this

their posture on that record sleeve makes me think of these glowering fellers

whom Phil Knight of The Phil Zone is blogging -- or "blooking" - about compellingly at the moment at Strangled

Goldie was a Stranglers fan of course

check for the squeaky hardcore voices on this (representing the Aliens)

looking forward to Phil's exegesis on the 'Glers' fifth studio album!


Paul Hebron said...

Both look a lot like the cover for the Sonics' second album, Boom from 1966.

Phil Knight said...

Not sure I yet know where to begin with the insanity that is "The Gospel"!