Monday, April 11, 2022

shample shpotting shaddo


doth take a snippet from this 

Mixrace + Pro-Ton-Isospace via Cardrossmaniac2's post on the trackige of the Hyper-On/JMJ&Richie/EZ-Rollers diaspora  - but wisely steering clear of the Flytronix morass

although that said I did find a few Fly specks of niceness on my own not-so-long-ago trawl through said diaspora

Hyper-On the rmx tip w/ Pro-Ton

didn't realise that Parallel World was part of  said diaspora though 

"Tear Into It" is a tuff tune


dolphin jungle before that became a byword for boring

oddly another Moving Shadow associated artist, DJ Trax also went by the name Parallel Worlds

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