Sunday, April 3, 2022

RIP Philip Jeck / RIP Mira Calix

The left-field electronic+ music world received an upsetting double-jolt last week with the announcement in quick succession of two too-early deaths: Philip Jeck and Mira Calix (a.k.a. Chantal Passamonte). 

I didn't know either of them well, but came away with a lasting warm impression of Chantal after interviewing her and the rest of the Telepathic Fish crew in the early '90s for a piece on ambient and the chill out scene.  Several years ago, I spent a good bit of time hanging out enjoyably with Jeck and his friend Janek Schaefer in Barcelona (we'd all been invited to participate in a hauntology-themed event series). 

Here's a piece by Philip Sherburne on the essential works of Jeck.  And here's a piece by K-punk from back in the hauntological day that includes Jeck's work (Mark goes into more depth in Ghosts of My Life - as does David Stubbs in his book Mars by 1980). And here finally is a clip of a Jeck incursion into late-nights BBC arts teeveee circa 1992. 

Here is a tribute to Mira Calix as person and musician from Jude Rogers, with a lot of interesting stuff about Chantal's forays into sound art / mixed media / installations.  And here is a personal reminiscence from DJ Food -  aka Kevin Foakes, also of the Telepathic Fish crew - from which I have borrowed the painfully adorable photograph below.  

Oh and look here -  a flyer for a Telepathic Fish ambient tea party, which I've kept all these long years. 

Ghosts of our lives... 

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