Sunday, April 24, 2022

going out on a Haigh

Robert Haigh has just put out a new album on Unseen Worlds - Human Remains. Apparently it's to be his last record.  

And it's a beauty - one of the very best of his piano releases.

I'm hoping he'll have a change of heart at some point. But if not, he's going out on a high. 

Here's my profile of Rob for The Wire from a few years ago. 

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Tim 'Space Debris' said...

This is a terrific LP. Probably his best piano album.

I don't think it's absurd to say a few of the tunes are reminiscent Omni Trio, if they'd been stripped of their rhythms.

There's something special about the way he plays and records piano, an extra tinkly-ness that makes it distinctly Haigh.

Lovely stuff.