Tuesday, June 18, 2019

new-old (something for your mind)

2019 reproduction-antique junglizm

got the sound down perfect

but using a sample i associate most with the gabbatrance classic on Dance Ecstasy 2001


Prole Sector said...

Er, surely not Ed.? Speedy J (1991) five years earlier?


never claimed it was the first use of it, just that the one that sticks me with is the Rave Creator

but it already seemed like a cliche even then, a bit like "this is a journey into sound" - a soundbite that been around the block and always been part of the mulch

Pablo Schiavoni said...

Lastima que no se puede descargar. Esta genial

Prole Sector said...

"...part of the mulch". Love it. What a great surreal/mental image that paints