Wednesday, June 12, 2019

aowuu wowu wowu woww owu-wu

this Carns Hill production

reminds me of this

the yearning mystic diva-moan

the latter uses the same female vocal sample as this jungle tune

whose source is this

or - possibly - mediated by this sampling of same

it also got used by the Orb of course

and by this lot  - who I liked for a moment there, until they went all progressive housey

and also this one too - by the for-a-while promising, but ultimately petering out and being a bit boring (as on this tune) Depth Charge

and the Sister Aisha lick appeared in various other tunes (there's a hard trance example out of Germany for instance)

think that this is actually my favorite use of it, although at the time i confess I didn't care much for the tune when it dropped into the pirate mix  - perhaps because it did have a little bit of sedated "ambient dub" meets Leftfield / Guerrilla Records vibe about it which I was getting frustrated with and not wanting to intrude itself upon the frenzy of the ardkore

another tune in the, ah, lineage, that does the mystic yearning woman rippling in the echo chamber thing is this dubsteppa

back in a loop to the start with another Carns Hill production with a wavery female vocal, but more ghostly-eerie than mystic St Theresa-y

and ooer missus - that title, it is well nuum-y innit

[via WebEschatology]

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