Thursday, June 21, 2018

true step garridge

Still sounds like phuture

Jonny + Andy chewed up D&B, swallowed the good bits, spat out the rest - and turned it into supapop for the Y2K.  So potent that Posh Spice wanted to get on board.

And it got to #2 in the UK pop charts in the late summer of 2000 -  back when the pop charts meant something -  how cool is that?

Never heard anything else by the True cru

There's this, which got to #6

Dane's B voice (esp at the chorus) sounds like how his faceflesh looks in that video  - grey-white plastic googunk

Oh yeah, this was a hit - a small one - too -

And  (who knew) a whole bunch of other bits

Now tell me, is this the only example in the entire history of Nuum remakes of early nuum-phase anthems (e.g. UKG revamps of ardkore or jungle tunes), where the remake is remade by the original maker?

Ah now this, this, is interesting - it could just be taken as 2step cover of SOS Band's Eighties R&B gem  "The Finest".... 

But really - for those who know - it is obviously meant to signify as a remake of ardkore classic "Finest Illusion (Illegal Mix)" by Foul Play, since that more or less swallows whole the vocal from the SOS Band tune

Funny thing, only two years or so before going 2step and Top of the Pops, Jonny Lisners was doing tracks like this

A sub-style that people in the D&B scene called two-step and which became utterly and deadeningly dominant

It is the same beat as the more basic 2-step garage beats - but the feel is completely different - unsexy, unrelenting, no swing, no sensuality - like a nail gun

Powerful in its way - I was quite taken with this direction at first - but ultimately nullifying

Why's it called "Piper"?

Your guess is as good as mine

I'd like to imagine it's a tribute to the wonderful Piper Laurie

It's almost certainly not.

That video is the perfect distillation of the neurofunk spirit

I do like the album Sawtooth (recently reissued) though

Particularly this track

Oh yeah I forgot - he did a second album in the neurofunk rigor mortis mode - Magnetic

What a canny leap from the dead end of D&B in 1998-99, to the lissom (and more lucrative) pastures of UKGstep

Jonny L was a bit of a shall we say nimble shifter though - for instance when the ardkore tide went out, he moved from doing things like "Hurt U So" to things that were more like pop trance or progressive

Actually that is not unpleasant at all - and in fact a bit proto-Daft Punky

But definitely straying from the nuum track.

As is this

Also much more Euro in feel

One of the tracks on these EP even has some Harthouse involvement in the production

But let us wipe all of that from the memory screen and remember "Hurt U So"

And this - the full mix of "Out of Your Mind"

Number Two in the UK charts!

"This tune's gonna punish you"


Ricardo said...

back when the pop charts meant something

And they don't now because...?


because streaming has fucked them up for a start, such that every Ed Sheeran track on his new album floods into the Top 20, making the idea of "the single" meaningless

there are all kinds of distortions - a single can get to Number One just on YouTube plays, but hardly get any play on the radio

but mainly few people pay attention to the chart anymore - having a hit doesn't mean what it did - to be Number ONe used to signify some kind of prominence or dominance of the mass consciousness - to be a genuinely public event

and in the UK there's no central TV pop show based around the charts that everybody watches each week

Ricardo said...

Not much time on my hands right now. So I'll start here for now.

there are all kinds of distortions - a single can get to Number One just on YouTube plays, but hardly get any play on the radio

Just on top of my head, I can think of a series of UK #1's with not much radio play, back when the "the charts mattered": Maiden's "Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter", M.A.R.R.S.'s "Pump Up The Volume", "There's No One Quite Like Grandma", Joe Dolce's "Shaddap You Face", "Star Trekkin'", "Mr. Blobby", etc. It's not exactly a new phenomenon.

Pearsall said...

heh, never knew Jonny L did True Steppers (garridge wasn't my thing) - I sort of lost track of him around 1998