Friday, June 1, 2018

Pearsall Presents The Dream of the Nineties Is Alive in Kreuzberg Techno Electro Mix Up

A crunchy mix of contemporary techno + electro from Berlin-resident and vinyl-lover Pearsall,  triggered by my blogpost from early January, The Dream of the Nineties is Alive in Kreuzberg  about a visit month earlier to Hard Wax, the legendary vinyl-only record shop in the heart of the city's bohemian district.

(a post that was surprisingly well received - I was sure I was going to get some flak for it)

Well worth reading the mix-rationale text for Man like Pearsall's discussion of Berlin as a paradise for bohemian-professionals and how that paradise is coming under pressure from rising rents and gentrification a la New York Paris London... 

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