Monday, June 25, 2018

C Biz versus C Biz

That's a bit... nuumy isn't it? Culture gone on so long now they have to recycle the names

(see also Acen versus One Acen)

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C Biz #1 = Bizzy B + mysterious DJ Connie (wonder if that is short for Constance or Conrad?)

C Biz #2 = rising road rapper / UK drill man, who is interviewed in this doc by Mike Skinner
(who ought to relaunch his project and call it The Roads)

Well who knew Skinner's been into this stuff for almost a decade?

Weird to hear Mikey S so Auto-Tuned on the chorus...


in ate said...

I think Dj Connie might well be Connie Con, one of the original Kool Fm djs

in ate said...

Are you trying to force yourself into enjoying Drill as a way of keeping up from the States? There surely ain't no nuum to be found in there. Bleak as fuck!


no, just checking it out!

it is bleak - i don't know if it's *that* much more bleak than grime though