Saturday, August 5, 2017

parallax paradiddle

(via luka via dissensus thread on sickest insanest darkcore sonix)

"an effect like a sampladelic equivalent of the way a drummer will let the stick vibrate on the skin, rather than make a crisp hit - a sound like a spinning coin that's starting to decelerate. "Nightvision" is so reverb-riddled and elasticated, so nuanced with percussive accents and hyper-syncopations, it's virtually a drum solo, albeit constructed painstakingly over days as opposed to happening in real-time" - my take at the time

the flipside is almost as good

d'cruze remix of "nightvision" just a bit too fiddly

while this auto-rmx of "nocturnal" one is jazzed out with glinting textures

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